Iranian Airlines

Iranian Airlines

Homa Airlines
The Islamic Republic of Iran Airline (Homa) was established as the first Iranian airline in 1345 under the name of Iran National Airlines with the aim of transporting freight, passengers and mailings to and from the country. Currently, it travels on many domestic and foreign routes.

Iran Airtour
This company was founded in 1993 as a subsidiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines (HMA) for charter and tourist activities and has since rented and purchased several aircraft. The company, which was transferred to the Defense Department, is flying in different directions.

Aseman Airlines
This company was formed after the Islamic revolution from the merger of about six small companies as Airtaxi. The company was originally intended to operate on remote areas with small aircrafts, but later it used a medium-range fleet and more aircrafts, flying in more difficult areas where passengers were less.

Mahan Airlines
This company was founded by the private sector in 1993 and is one of the companies that has grown well in recent years. The name of this airline is among the safe airlines of the region.

Caspian Airlines
This company was founded in 1993 and now has six aircrafts.

Kish Air
This company was formed in 1992 and belongs to the Kish Free Zone Organization.

Saha Airlines
This company, founded in 1369 by the Army Air Force, has been stopped by the Civil Aviation Organization due to its fleet age, and is scheduled to resume its activities with the import of new aircrafts.

Taban Airlines
This company, established in 2006, belongs to the private sector.

Fars Qeshm Air
This company was established in 2006. Its main base is Qeshm Island, and Qeshm Civil Organization is a shareholder of this company.

Zagros Airlines
This company, founded in 2007, is administered by the private sector.

Meraj Airlines
Meraj is a State Airlines Company operating with four airplanes.

Hasa Airlines
This company belongs to the Iranian Aircraft Industry, which operates with six aircraft.

Qeshm Airlines
This company has expanded its operations by purchasing Faraz Qeshm Airlines and now has 22 airplanes.

Ata Airlines
This company was founded in Tabriz in 1388 and started its operations with four airplanes. Now it has 10 airplanes.

Sahand Asia Airlines
This company has started its operations since 1388 with two Boeing MD planes.

Atrak Airlines
This company, which was founded last year in Bojnourd, is now operating with one airplane.

Puya Air Airlines
This company is also one of the newly established Iranian Airlines operating in the field of passenger transportation.
Arya and Eram are also included in the list of Iranian Airlines.